What’s Our Story
Fearless Knowledge was founded by Tania Khojasteh (BA LLB MA) in 2020. Tania is a business director, educator, and lecturer in law and interdisciplinary social sciences with extensive training in psychology and emotional and relational intelligence.

She sees emotional intelligence skills as an increasingly necessary must-have in all professional, leadership and learning spaces. Fearless Knowledge was created to provide leadership and team training in the 5 core areas of emotional intelligence: Self Awareness, Emotional Regulation Skills, Empathy Skills, Meaning and Purpose, and Social Intelligence.

In all the trainings at Fearless Knowledge, Tania combines her expertise within the last 20 years in critical thinking, intersectional social sciences and social inequalities with emotional intelligence and diversity and inclusion themes. Each workshop and coaching session is tailor-designed and facilitated in a highly engaging and meaningful way for all levels, from top leadership to more middle and junior level professionals.


One of the great benefits of choosing training with Fearless Knowledge is that in its capacity as a humble yet powerful service, it remedies the lack of intellectual depth and impact frequently seen with large training brands and corporations – In other words, there is huge value in the investment. Engaging, comprehensive and interconnected learning is Tania’s passion and mission at Fearless Knowledge.

Tania has founded and directed two companies in the UK in the last 10 years and understands leaders’ needs and goals in business prosperity and simultaneously developing strong team ethics and skills which derive from individuals with high levels of self- awareness and relational skills. She is also a Tedx Talk 2016 speaker where she discusses ‘interconnected learning and education as a manifesto of our future’. Tania believes interconnected and critical thinking and deep empathy skills are the fearless knowledge we must all invest in as our greatest skill and asset in the early 21st century! 
Our team has previously trained individuals and teams at diverse private and public organisations including Amazon, PWC, North West London School, Certitude, The Health Foundation, and more.