Our Services

Our tailored training design and delivery services include

Organisational assessments and tailored workshops or one on one coaching in varied themes such as emotionally intelligent leadership, meaningful communication, meaningful diversity and inclusion (EDI), gender equity, and more. Our director and head coach, Tania Khojasteh and her team of experts collaborate with executive professionals at all stages of leadership and EDI training needs for small and large organisations, in the private, corporate, and public sectors. 

Popular and Powerful Training Themes

  • Fearless Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness and Relational Skills for Leaders
  • Fearless Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge
  • Why Gender Knowledge is EQ Important
  • Fearless Empathy Skills (team building)
  • Fearless Communication and Curiosity Skills for Leaders
  • Creating Meaning at Work: Decolonising and Rebuilding 

How Does Fearless Knowledge Do This?

To understand the exact needs of an organisation, Tania (and her team) meet with key team members of the client organisation. We ask detailed questions to ensure we understand the organisation’s language, mission, and vision towards learning and development within the organisation and its leadership. We then connect this understanding to the gaps that may exist and identify where necessary learning growth can take place. Through a detailed and collaborative strategy with the organisation, we understand and clarify the training needs and recommend one of our tailored popular trainings (listed above or bespoke designed). Our workshops and trainings can be within a group setting or one on one, based on the highest impact and goal within the company. We make sure every single training is impactful and develops a more emotionally intelligent and engaging difference to the knowledge base, performance and behaviour and output of staff members from the first session!

Who is Our Team and Why

Our assessment, design and facilitation team is diverse and emotionally intelligent – we represent diversity of gender, race, culture, ability and more, in order to be aligned with the intersectional critical thinking and development we advocate. Each member of our team of consultants is a highly achieved expert and educator with youthful and passionate energy in shaping growth for leaders and their teams. We hand select each specialist carefully to be bring in different skillsets including knowledge of psychology, economic efficiency and business strategy, critical political theory, arts and facilitation. The combination of these skills makes our service and trainings at Fear Knowledge truly exceptional in the market place in London, UK and internationally.

Companies and Teams

Companies and Teams we’ve worked with in leadership and diversity and inclusion training for include: Amazon, PWC, North West London School, Certitude, and more. Every coaching session and training workshop